clockDiesel refueling services, Anywhere in Israel, in an hour!

for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

Diesel supply

Diesel fuel delivered directly to you!

SOS Energy Express offers fuel delivery services that arrive directly to you, regardless of your location. Service is provided via an efficient and punctual refueling system composed of designated trucks and high quality diesel fuel available at all times.

The firm provides service to a wide range of customers, including dirt contractors, trucking companies, tractor and bulldozer operators, generator operators, institutions and enterprises, which all benefit from a professional, efficient, fast and highly reliable service, delivered directly to them.

Diesel that is delivered directly to you – why is it worth it?

  • Because it is much safer – diesel is flammable and can be very dangerous.
  • SOS Energy Express will deliver the fuel to you via tanks that ensure maximum safety.
  • Because you do not need to waste more fuel – necessity to drive to the gas station puts you in risk of getting stuck on the way if you run out of fuel. We will deliver the fuel directly to you.
  • Because it is much more convenient and not much more expensive – it is much more convenient if the fuel is delivered directly to you. This will help you avoid driving to the gas station. In addition, this service definitely pays off.


Why choose SOS Energy Express?

  • Because we operate distribution lines on a daily basis.
  • Because we provide diesel in any required quantity – even in small amounts.
  • Because we operate branches nationwide, which makes it possible to provide services to all regions.
  • Because refueling and payment are carried out in accordance with the actual consumption.
  • Because we undertake to provide a professional and highly reliable service.

Our professional representatives will be happy to assist and provide you with high quality diesel, which will be delivered directly to you.

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