clockDiesel refueling services, Anywhere in Israel, in an hour!

for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

Dirt and infrastructure refuling

Each day, dirt contractors face the repeated request of occasional customers to transport and operate heavy equipment for short periods. To provide a solution to this need, contractors have to resolve the lack of fuel availability and in most cases, they waste their money on futile trips to the gas stations in the area (if any), where they pay in cash. This leads to severe logistical problems, which often make such transactions unprofitable. In addition, heavy equipment that cannot be transported requires an efficient on-site refueling solution, which makes it necessary for the contractor to install a fuel reservoir with all that entails.

Another problem arises when it comes to long-term projects. Establishing a fuel terminal for heavy equipment means an installation of a large fuel reservoir, including filling it with valuable diesel that costs tens of thousands of NIS. This well-known matter leads various criminal entities to make an effort and detect such reservoirs in order to steal high amounts every day. To solve the fuel theft problem, contracts have to invest large amounts of money into constant security of the site, which doesn’t eliminate this phenomenon completely. In some cases, the security guards are those stealing the fuel! Contractors usually cannot notice constant disappearance of small amounts of fuel.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. is proud to present a revolutionary, cost-effective and simple refueling solution for dirt and infrastructure contractors

Diesel supply is carried out by a fleet of cost-effective distribution trucks: we provide you with a portable, available, cost-effective and efficient refuel system for the dirt, development and infrastructure contractors, who are able to enjoy our direct fuel delivery service!

We supply fuel under all terrain conditions, 24 hours a day, which allows saving dozens of redundant trips and heavy security expenses, leading to positive operating income from all types and volumes of work.

Service is provided on a daily basis, in any quantity you may require. Distribution is highly reliable (cannot be abused by the drivers) and is carried out via computerized delivery notes (printed and delivered once a month). In addition, distribution does not require payment in cash, which is more efficient than maintaining cash for refueling purposes.

The service is worthwhile and cost-effective – from an individual piece of equipment to a fleet of heavy machinery that requires available refueling of high quality.

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