clockDiesel refueling services, Anywhere in Israel, in an hour!

for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

Fueling all conditions underground parking space

Unique and new! Fueling any terrain

Ace or Ace Energy is proud to present a unique solution that allows refueling refueling vehicles and machinery any terrain. With a fleet of small trucks-propelled 4 4 – We can reach any place in the country to rescue and refueling of all types of vehicles and machines

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The trucks are able to refuel in any terrain and under extremely harsh conditions – and are available 24 hours a day.
The drivers of SS or SS rescues Energy undergo training and driving area, and are very experienced when it comes to rescue in difficult terrain and are able to extract any vehicle or machine.

Underground car parks Filling

Underground parking lots refueling is done mostly for emergency generators of mutual and Linyin Biniinim offices, among other nutrients fire extinguishing systems (sprinkler) during an emergency (fire or earthquake) depend on a steady electricity supply.

Emergency systems operate on their own and run diesel engines and diesel. In most cases these emergency systems are located deep in the parking Hbiniin to avoid damage as a result of the damage caused in case of emergency, and can be used to back up these critical times. Fueling these systems is a real challenge due to limited amount of parking that prevent regular access to refueling trucks. SS or SS Corporation Energy has identified the real need of refueling locations with limited access, and has very low tankers actually intended to enter into the depth of the car park and refuel the emergency systems without any problem.

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