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for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

Fueling in any situation or area

On-site refueling service

On-site refueling is required in wide range of situations. For example, a generator that runs out of fuel during an event you prepared for your kid in the middle of the desert can ruin months of preparations and turn all your expenses into a complete waste. Or, for example, if the fuel indicator light in your car doesn’t work properly, you can find yourself left without fuel on an empty road – this can turn into a traumatic event for the whole family. These reasons are sufficient for keeping a phone number of an on-site refueling service provider for emergencies. In addition, in case of heavy vehicles, driving to a gas station located far from the work site will waste valuable time and energy. Therefore, obtaining reliable and constantly available refueling service is the ideal solution.

When is it necessary?

Private sector also benefits from on-site refueling services for home heating and emergencies, although the business sector especially enjoys the benefits and cost-effectiveness of these services. The primary industries that require constant refueling services include agriculture, manufacturing plants and transportation companies:

in the modern world, agricultural labor efficiency is directly connected to heavy equipment. In fact, nowadays, a huge part of the work that was previously done manually, like spraying, plowing and event pruning and picking, is currently done mechanically. Heavy machinery requires large amounts of fuel for each operation or movement. In addition, such machines are usually located close to each other. Therefore, there is no point in driving to the regular gas stations. On-site refueling service will allow a continuous and uninterrupted work process.

Transportation companies: transportation of containers and baggage, as well as public transportation rely on heavy vehicles. Such vehicles are usually concentrated in one place, which presents a significant advantage and allows refueling the entire fleet of vehicles. This will save valuable time that is often wasted by the drivers that have to refuel at a gas station. In addition, in case of a malfunction or an empty tankan on-site refueling service may save the project and help resume the activity.

Manufacturing plants: modern enterprises utilize a large amount of innovative machinery, vehicles and computerized production lines of various types. While large enterprises can ensure independent refueling, small plants find it difficult to obtain efficient refueling services. Cost-effective and consumption-based refueling service is the perfect solution for small enterprises. SOS Energy provides a unique service to small business via our fleet of cost-effective distribution trucks, suitable for both large and small businesses. Our company delivers fuel in any amount required, which allows companies with variable fuel consumption to receive the required amount throughout the year.

 SOS Energy Ltd. provides a quick and affordable solution of high quality

SOS Energy provides a quick and affordable solution private and business customer. Our customized services are available 24 hours a day and can be ordered ether on a constant basis or upon necessity, without burdensome obligations required by other fuel providers. The firm is committed to deliver fuel within the shortest period of time possible, which allows our customers to save valuable time and avoid emergency situations.

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