clockDiesel refueling services, Anywhere in Israel, in an hour!

for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

Enterprises & institutions refueling

For enterprises and institutions that operate a relatively small fleet of diesel-based machinery, highly available refueling service is a basic need in order to conduct an efficient working week. One option is to install a large fuel reservoir and fill it with expensive fuel worth tens of thousands of NIS. This well-known matter leads various criminal entities to make an effort and detect such reservoirs in order to steal high amounts every day. To solve the fuel theft problem, contracts have to invest large amounts of money into constant security of the site, which doesn’t eliminate this phenomenon completely. In some cases, the security guards are those stealing the fuel! Contractors usually cannot notice constant disappearance of small amounts of fuel.

In addition, enterprise owner usually needs to use valuable space (about 45 sq m), which is utilized an insignificant amount of time, while presenting both operational and health risks.

Currently, there is no efficient refueling solution available for small auto depots and workshops that use one or two forklifts. Most of the available solutions are temporary and don’t consider the changes that may occur during the course of the work process.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. is proud to present a revolutionary, cost-effective and simple solution.

Fuel is delivered to the enterprises via our cost-effective distribution trucks fleet: we provide you with a portable, highly available and cost-effective refueling service delivered directly to you. This allows enterprises and institutions to enjoy an efficient refueling service available 24 hours a day.

We specialize in establishing efficient daily distribution routes in accordance with your requirements, which will allow you to save dozens of redundant trips to get fuel and unutilized working hours. In addition, this service eliminates the need for a locally installed fuel reservoir and allows a more efficient utilization of space.

You do not have to order in advance. The service is adjusted in accordance with your requirements and provided only when necessary.

Service is provided on a daily basis, in any quantity you may require. Distribution is highly reliable (cannot be abused by the drivers) and is carried out via computerized delivery notes (printed and delivered once a month). In addition, distribution does not require payment in cash.

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