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Forklift and lifting platform refueling

When it comes to selecting a suitable type of a lifting platform or forklift, the field of refueling solutions always comes to mind.

Unfortunately, this operation is considered cumbersome by many, leading to an eventual purchase of a forklift or an electric lifting platform.

If you also have doubts regarding the suitable equipment, we are pleased to inform you currently, the issue of refueling, forklifts and lifting platforms should not be a primary component in the decision-making process. This is due to the fact that SOS Energy Express Ltd. offers unmatched professional refueling services for forklifts and lifting platforms.

What is important to check when seeking a forklift and lifting platform refueling service?

Following are a few significant aspects that should be considered upon contacting a company that provides refueling services for lifting platforms and forklifts:

    • Company’s distribution lines  – one of fundamental aspects that you should check is the fuel distribution route. Please note that some firms don’t provide their services to all parts of the country. Therefore, it is important to ask about the areas of service in the earlier stages of your relationship with the company. It is, of course, recommended to work with a company that provides distribution services in your area and will not charge extra fee for delivering the fuel directly to you.
    • Years of experience in on-site refueling  – due to an increased demand for on-site refueling, the supply in this field has increased accordingly in recent years. Therefore, nowadays you can find quite a few company’s engaged in on-site refueling that, unfortunately, lack experience and knowledge and it is recommended to always ask company’s representatives regarding the firm’s experience in this field.
    • Customer testimonials  – each company in this field will be happy to tell you about its previous and current clientele. However, the fact that a company has provided service to an important customer does not show you the entire picture. In some cases, company can provide service to a certain entity for a certain period and eventually this relationship ceased to exist, because the customer was not satisfied by the service provided. This is the reason why becoming acquainted with customer testimonials is important. In addition, you can also request to visit the sites, which use the services provided by a specific company in order to examine the situation in practice.
  • Availability level  – in many cases, availability level plays the major role when selecting a fuel delivery company. Since emergency refueling is required quite often, it is always recommended to work with a professional company that provides refueling services around the clock, 7 days a week.

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