Generator refueling services

When it comes to a constant generator and crane operation, the main logistical problem is fuel availability. In most cases, this issue takes up valuable time and money, while heavy equipment operators lack the logistical ability to provide fuel delivery services. To solve the fuel availability problem, they must remove at least one employee from his direct duties. In most cases, such employee wasted his money on redundant trips to the gas stations in the area, where he pays in cash and all these efforts are aimed to maintain a continuous work process in various sites that include generators, cranes, drilling machines, etc.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. is proud to present a revolutionary, cost-effective and simple refueling solution for generators and cranes

Diesel supply is carried out by a fleet of cost-effective distribution trucks: we provide you with a portable, available, cost-effective and efficient refuel system for generator and crane operators, who are able to enjoy our direct fuel delivery service 24 hours a day.

We specialize in establishing effective distribution lines delivered directly to you! Distribution is tailored to your requirements, saving dozens of redundant trips, unutilized working hours and costs of removing employees from their positions, which directly contributes to positive operating income from all types and volumes of work.

Refueling services

Service is provided on a daily basis, in any quantity you may require. Distribution is highly reliable (cannot be abused by the drivers) and is carried out via computerized delivery notes (printed and delivered once a month). In addition, distribution does not require payment in cash.

The service is worthwhile and cost-effective – from a single generator to a fleet of generators, cranes and drilling machines spread over the area that require available high quality fuel.

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