Diesel fuel supply within an hour anywhere in the country!

Mobile diesel refueling services, 24 hours a day, heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, platforms, trucks, buses, farmers, institutions, enterprises and refueling area

Heating oil

SOS Energy Express operates a fleet of 48 fuel tanks and provides heating oil and diesel 24 hours a day.

Our compact tanks efficient pass through narrow spaces and neighborhoods with a parking problem. Each tank is equipped with a long hose of 70 meters.

In addition, tanks are equipped with a silent pump that doesn’t cause any disturbance to the neighbors. Each tank comes with a digital counter, including printing the amount of fuel on a gas card.

Orders can be made 24 hours a day at *9002.

Refueling is carried out upon client’s request and is usually delivered within an hour, with few exceptions.

Oil is primarily used for airplanes and home heating.

The freezing point of oil is much lower than the freezing point of diesel and therefore, in particularly cold areas, such as the Golan Heights and Jerusalem, the demand for heating oil is higher than the demand for diesel.

Oil is also called “kerosene”. This type of fuel is primarily used by the aviation industry. It is transparent with a yellowish shade. Oil has a strong smell and high calorific value.

Oil is a flammable liquid obtained from refining crude oil at temperatures of 150° C and 275° C.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. provides services to a large number of leading Israeli companies, including various enterprises, institutions, dirt contractors, generator and mechanical equipment operators, trucking companies and many others. Service is provided throughout the country.

The broad clientele of SOS Energy Express enjoys convenient and cost-effective refueling solutions and efficient service, 24 hours a day.

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