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Mobile diesel tank

Diesel is one of the most significant fuels in the Western World

Substance we know as diesel is one of the most relevant and significant fuels in the entire Western World and in Israel, in particular. Diesel fuel is produced as part of the oil refining process, similar to gasoline and other fuels. However, unlike gasoline that generates energy via heat and combustion, diesel is inflamed via pressure (if you try to set diesel on fire with matches – most chances you won’t succeed). We use diesel to refuel various vehicles (mostly heavy machinery, military vehicles and SUVs). It is also used for generators and various energy-related processes. Therefore, it is important to become acquainted with various situations that may require a portable diesel tank in order to select the most suitable solution.

In which case a portable fuel tank should be used and how is it done?

  • When we may require a portable tank?
    A portable fuel is useful when an on-site refueling of high quality is required. For example, this may be required when we go camping and rent a generator, which uses a fuel tank. Another example is an SUV trip – we would want to ensure an option of refueling the vehicle on-site to avoid going to a gas station and interrupting the trip. Portable fuel tank would be the perfect solution in such situations. These are just a couple of examples to such situations. Diesel fuel is also used for heating and various other purposes.
  • What is the best solution in this field?
    To ensure safe and convenient delivery of diesel fuel we need a professional fuel tank of high quality. Today you can purchase portable fuel tanks of hundreds of liters, which are easy to carry and attach to the vehicle and equipped with a precise meter, which shows the exact amount of fuel and allows to monitor the diesel reserve at all times. This allows us to keep calm when camping or having a trip, since the energy source is always available.

With SOS Energy you can always be sure that you will get a fuel tank most suitable for your needs

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