Fuel Diesel

SOS Energy Express operates a fleet of 48 fuel tanks and provides heating oil and diesel 24 hours a day.

Our compact tanks efficient pass through narrow spaces and neighborhoods with a parking problem. Each tank is equipped with a long hose of 70 meters.

In addition, tanks are equipped with a silent pump that doesn’t cause any disturbance to the neighbors. Each tank comes with a digital counter, including printing the amount of fuel on a gas card.

Orders can be made 24 hours a day at *9002.

Refueling is carried out upon client’s request and is usually delivered within an hour, with few exceptions.

Are you tired of paying exorbitant electricity bills during winter? There is another way!

Start using diesel fuel for heating today. Enjoy a high-quality home heating and save energy.

Advantages of using diesel for home heating:

  • Cost-effective compared to other heating methods.
  • Does not dry the air and maintains humidity levels.
  • Allows homogeneous heat distribution, even in large spaces.
  • Especially suitable for families with small children – allows preventing a chance of catching a cold.


How is diesel related to heating and electricity prices?

In the past, people didn’t spent much time checking various heating methods and relied mostly on the air conditioner, which they also use during the summer. However, in recent years, we are witnessing a constant increase in electricity prices, while people must pay huge bills they cannot afford. Since home-heating is a necessity, many people started looking for other heating methods. Diesel based heating systems often allow us saving electricity, which is a blessing in our times, when electricity is so expensive.

Start enjoying diesel-based heating systems for your home

Many public institutions have already embraced the use of diesel for heating purposes due to its multiple advantages. Currently, the private sector is following in their footsteps. Each year, more and more tenants start enjoying the proven advantages of diesel for heating purposes, while fuel delivery is efficiently carried out by SOS Energy Express.

Some people still avoid using diesel-based heating systems, because they are afraid that it won’t be available when they need it. With SOS Energy you have nothing to worry about. We operate a large fleet of trucks, which allows us to reach every customer on time. We provide 24/7 service – you will never run out of fuel for your heating system. We deliver top-quality fuel to private clients, home committees and business customers across the country. Quick and efficient service, combined with high quality commodity will guarantee a warm winter.

Which heating systems use diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel for heating purposes gains momentum. It has become popular among many customers in Israel. Currently there is a range of available diesel-based heating systems. Fireplaces are the latest trend in the field of heating systems. Not only they provide a vintage look – fireplaces fill our homes with both physical and emotional warmth. There is nothing better than sitting together with your family near a fireplace on a rainy day. There are various types of fireplaces, while the diesel-based ones are the most popular.

There are also central heating systems available that are based on diesel fuel. Keep in mind that diesel fuel combustion releases a relatively large amount of energy and therefore, it is a very efficient source of energy for large heating systems. Diesel has become a sought-after product in recent years. The larger the heating system is, the more chances are that using fuel is preferable.

Call SOS Energy Express Ltd. now and the required amount of fuel will be delivered directly to you! Dial *9002 24/7!

We are committed to provide:

  • Quick and efficient service.
  • Cost-effective distribution trucks.
  • Order upon necessity. You do not need to subscribe for the service or order in advance.
  • There is a range of additional advantages that only a company with superb logistics and distribution can provide!

Central heating system

In many areas across the country diesel for heating is a necessity, rather than a choice. It is the easiest and most convenient method of home heating, while in areas with significantly low temperatures, diesel-based heating systems prove to be even more cost-efficient. Therefore, in the Jerusalem area, as well as in the Northern region, you will find many houses that use such systems.

During particularly cold winters, you can easily run out of diesel. In such cases you will need a reliable and efficient fuel delivery service. In recent years, there were many cases when diesel was sold adulterated with other substances, which can damage the heating system and harm its efficiency.

If you need diesel fuel for heating or for any other purpose, the quickest and most efficient way is to contact SOS Energy Express Ltd. The firm has a wide range of distribution options. SOS Energy delivers diesel fuel upon requirement to enterprises that use fuel on a daily basis, as well as to companies that use it sporadically. Our company operates a wide range of vehicles for fuel delivery. We supply fuel to all areas regardless of the accessibility level.

Contact us and enjoy a warm and cozy winter!

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