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for heavy equipment, generators, cranes, forklifts, lifting platforms, trucks, busses, agriculture, institutions and enterprises, including on-site refueling

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Managing a trucking or transport company?

SOS Energy Express has the perfect solution for you:  top-quality diesel delivered directly to you at very affordable prices.

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Trucking and transportation companies constantly require efficient diesel and fuel supply to be able to provide the clients with a professional and punctual service on a daily basis. Enterprises that wok with various “fuel providers” usually suffer significant financial losses as a result of the drivers’ refueling breaks. This happens due to the fact that many drivers do not get back on the road once they’re done with refueling, but rather prolong their break for half an hour or more, which doesn’t prevent them from taking another half an hour break that they deserve in accordance with the law. As a result, valuable time is being wasted and therefore, it is reflected by severe financial losses.

Other companies choose to install a diesel fuel reservoir, which, on one hand, shortens the time it takes to fill the fuel tank, while on the other hand proves to be expensive. In addition, fuel reservoirs attract thieves and to prevent fuel theft, companies must invest considerable funds in security at the facility. In addition, reservoirs involve operational and health risks.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. is proud to present a revolutionary, cost-effective and simple solution.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. is proud to present a solution that is all about efficiency:

Diesel fuel for transport, delivered directly to the customer.

  • • Direct diesel delivery – diesel fuel is delivered directly via portable refueling system.
  • • 24/7 availability – service is provided on a daily basis – available refueling throughout the day.
  • • Save time and money – quick and efficient refueling allows significant improvement of work processes
  • • Invaluable service for trucking and transport companies
  • • Trucking – efficient utilization of truck loading and unloading time for refueling.
  • • Transport – efficient utilization of time for refueling when waiting for passengers.

SOS Energy Express is at your service

We are committed to providing a professional, quick and reliable service to all our clients.

For your convenience – payment for the diesel fuel delivery services is carried out via computerized delivery notes, printed and delivered once a month. Therefore, payment in cash is not required.

To order diesel fuel delivery service for transportation, please call *9002 and high-quality diesel will be on its way directly to you.

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