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Jerusalem heating oil supply

Jerusalem is a unique city. Those living outside of Jerusalem find it hard to navigate through the city streets and quarters. The capital of Israel is a big city composed of a wide range of populations. Among other things, the most significant differences between Jerusalem and other cities emerge in the winter due to the stormy weather in the city.

Jerusalem residents know that the best way to heat your home or office is to use diesel-based heating. Problems usually arise when refueling is required. Most customers cannot afford giving up on diesel or risk taking a trip to the gas station. For Jerusalem residents it is especially significant to use the services of a reliable fuel delivery company and all the advantages that accompany such services.

Why order diesel from a professional fuel provider?

I you want to ensure a warm and cozy winter, you should become acquainted with the fuel delivery firms in Jerusalem. Such company would normally operate a designated fleet of vehicles and a staff of professional drivers, along with 24 availability to deliver fuel upon requirement. Such service with allow you to heat your home or office even in extreme weather conditions.

In addition, fuel providers offer and ideal arrangement for Jerusalem residents:

  1. Winter period – Jerusalem is one of the coldest cities in Israel. Unlike in other cities in Israel, in Jerusalem, it snows almost every year and temperature falls below the zero mark. In addition, winter period is longer in Jerusalem and begins at the end of autumn. Such conditions highlight the need for efficient heating and high quality fuel. Heating will not only help go through the winter period, but will also significantly improve the quality of life and health of the residents.
  2. Topography – roads and streets in Jerusalem were built on a foundation that was established centuries ago. Moreover, the natural topography of Jerusalem is not simple and presents various navigation related obstacles. To deal with this topography during the cold and rainy winter months, there is a need for an efficient fleet of vehicles. It is hard enough to drive in Jerusalem, let alone the driving with a trailer and a fuel tank. In other words, those who use home heating systems know how convenient it is when diesel is delivered directly to them.
  3. Safety and security – when it comes to safety and security reasons, it is also preferred to order diesel delivery in Jerusalem from a reliable provider. Business clients use diesel to heat warehouses and plants and therefore, they need constant fuel availability. While keeping fuel in a reservoir outside the business can attract thieves, diesel delivery services are provided upon requirement and thus, the risk is significantly reduced.

SOS Energy Express Ltd. offers diesel fuel delivery via a fleet of cost-effective distribution trucks. Among other things, the firm specializes in portable refueling for enterprises, institutions and private customers. Contact our representatives to hear more about diesel delivery in Jerusalem and other regions.

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